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Frances Karttunen - Publications since 2000


2015. Something Should Be Done

2014. Nantucket's North Shore: A Neighborhood History

2013. Ways Off Shore

2012. Moses Tapped The Washing Pond

2011. Good Things From Nantucket’s North Shore: A Culinary Memoir

2010. Nantucket Places and People 4: Underground

2009. Nantucket Places and People 3: Out of Town

2009. Nantucket Places and People 2: South of Main Street

2009. Nantucket Places and People 1: Main Street to the North Shore

2007. Law and Disorder in Old Nantucket. (Second edition 2009)

2005. The Other Islanders: People Who Pulled Nantucket’s Oars. New Bedford: Spinner Publications.

Opera libretto

2005. La Conquista, with Lorenzo Ferrero. Premiere production as Montezuma in March 2005. Commissioned by The National Theater, Prague.


“Rethinking Malinche.”

Contributions to Educational Website

“Aztec Voices Across the Centuries”

“Aztec Song”

“Doña Marina” Parts 1 and 2

“Nahuatl Borrowings from Spanish”

Edited Volume

2000. Issues of Minority Peoples, edited with Jan-Ola Östman. Occasional Papers of the Department of General Linguistics 31. Helsinki: University of Helsinki Department of General Linguistics.


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Review of Black and White Women’s Travel Narratives: Antebellum Explorations by Cheryl Fish; Narrative of the Life and Travels of Mrs. Nancy Prince, Written by Herself; and A Black Woman’s Odyssey Through Russia and Jamaica: The Narrative of Nancy Prince, edited by Ronald G. Walters. In Historic Nantucket, Vol. 54, No. 1: 18-19.

“Nahuatl for the Twenty-First Century.” Review article about twelve books published between 2001 and 2004: Making Dictionaries: Preserving Indigenous Languages of the Americas, edited by Frawley, Hill, and Munro; Hippocrene Concise Dictionary: Nahuatl-English, English-Nahuatl (Herrera); Arte de la lengua Mexicans... (Olmos); Grammar of the Mexican Language with an Explanation of Its Adverbs (Carochi); Nahuatl as Written... (Lockhart); Introduction to Classical Nahuatl, 2nd edition (Andrews); Workbook for Introduction to Classical Nahuatl (Andrews); A Guide to Nahuatl Language Manuscripts Held in United States Repositories (Schwaller); Nahua Confraternities... The 1552 Nahuatl Ordinances (Molina); Sahagún at Five Hundred (Schwaller, ed.); Bernardino de Sahagún: First Anthropologist (León-Portilla); Seven Myths of the Spanish Conquest (Restall). In Ethnohistory 52 2: 449-77.

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